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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Home Buyer Tip - What does “As Is” really mean?

Most foreclosure and short sale homes for sale are offered "as is."

"As is" simply means in its current condition - period.  And "as is" rarely means "perfect."

I encourage all buyers to have the appropriate inspections before you purchase - even on an "as is" cash transaction.

While it is true many buyers accept the "as is" part of the deal, some still attempt a return to the negotiation table after the home inspection.

And many times the sellers will agree to the requests for repairs or concession.

Sometimes, a qualified willing buyer ready to go forward is better than going back on the market and re-doing it all again!

The key point for buyers to remember when it comes to "as is"  purchases....

"as is" does not mean many as "as if" in perfect condition.

Most properties are priced for their current condition - good or not so good!

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