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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Home Buyer Tips - Key Considerations When Purchasing a House

Knowing what is important allows us to have balance in our lives.

And placing the greatest priority on those things will ultimately allow us to rest at night without regrets over having made a less than good decision.

The same can be said about purchasing a house or condo.

After having made the decision to purchase a home, a buyer must decide what is most important based on their current (and near term) circumstances.

Key among all decisions is budget. Ultimately buying a house involves a long term commitment of money. Having a budget that includes your monthly payment (PITI: principal, interest, taxes and insurance), homeowner or condo association fees, upkeep expenses (repairs, replacement, and routine maintenance), plus other expenses including utilities.

And buyers should not forget about current living expenses experienced now as a non-homeowner. They will not go away either.  Things like utilities, school loans or tuition, automobile payments, etc.

Your lender will look closely at the financial side of the home purchase decision and will hopefully only approve you for an amount that sets you up for success as a homeowner.

So what are the key considerations when considering the purchase of a house?  Things like

If you are considering buying a home in Brevard County, please allow me to assist you in the process.

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