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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Home Seller Tips - Please give your prospective buyers a little privacy…in your home.

As much as most sellers would like to think, their home is not the only one on the market in Brevard County, Florida.

I saw a listing today that included these discouraging instructions:


So what is so discouraging here?

A two hour notice is very reasonable for an occupied dwelling.   However, List Realtor® will escort, is not a positive step in the process.. 

While it is not completely unusual to see a requirement for the listing agent to be present at showings, it is more common with higher priced properties.  This was the lowest priced property in a modest subdivision.

I am not going to question the seller’s reasoning to have their agent present for all showings.

I am only pointing out it is a hindrance for buyers.

Buyers want to look around with their agent (oversight) who can provide information about the property.   It is the seller's agent who is responsible for making sure buyer's agent's have the appropriate marketing information available.  Buyers should be at ease to ask pointed questions of their agent.

More importantly, when the prospective buyer is a couple, they are encouraged make serious comments to each other about the property while on site.

Having the seller’s agent present can hinder a potentially positive process.  If there is a need for additional information the buyer’s agent will contact the seller’s agent.

In the interim, please give your prospective buyers a little privacy…in your home.

Number three on my “Three Ps to Selling your Home” is presentation – the ease of showing.   Take a look at the others here.

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