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Friday, February 01, 2013

What is the cost of “Deferred Maintenance?” There was nothing grandpa could not do!

A major component of the home purchase process is the property inspection.  It may be an "as is" contract but an inspection is always recommended.

One thing experience has taught me... the older the property the greater the chance a problem will surface during an inspection.

While it is obvious to most a car requires routine maintenance many do not see the same need in an even more expensive investment - their home.

And sometimes these issues that surface during an inspection are simply situations where the routine upkeep has been less than routine.

Sometimes I wonder if deferred means "don't care,"  "don't know,"or "could not afford."  My guess is many times it is the first.

The day you purchase your home you should start preparing to sell your home.

You can do that by maintaining it properly.  Fix items as they need attention...not several years later..And last of all, know your limitations. 

Most of us do not have the skills to handle every issue that can surface during your home ownership.   

I remember one case where there were so many issues that were creatively handled and the widow was so proud....There was nothing grandpa could not do!

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