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Monday, March 18, 2013

Sellers really do know how to sell their home

It does not take long for a child to figure it out.  It probably happens in the school yard or at the playground all the time.  It may be a video game, sports cards or maybe an action figure.  But the concept is the same.

Put a price on it that is attractive, promote it to the right potential buyers, and negotiate.

I see homes that are priced way above market every day in the MLS system.  I occasionally show homes that are filthy, dark and badly overstuffed with "stuff." 

There was a time when I would think to myself these sellers must have a real estate agent who does not know what to tell them.  But I no longer think that is the case most of the time.

I am convinced home sellers really do know how to sell their home

When selling anything all aspects reflect motivation.   Sellers know deep down inside what they should do.   They know what they would expect if they were a prospective buyer.

If you are motivated and considering selling your Brevard County, Florida house or condo, lets work together. 

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