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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Selling Your Brevard County, Florida Home - impress early, close sooner!

To place a home on the market before it is ready is a mistake many sellers (and their agents) make in an effort to get things rolling.  But this is a mistake.

You have to be ready on day one.

When a listing is new it generates a lot more interest.  As a new listing it gets highlighted on the MLS "hot sheet" on day one.

But, if all the initial interest is met with a property in need of repairs, staging, landscaping attention and a generally unappealing presence, then the unimpressed prospect moves on .  You know what they all say about first impressions - don't blow the opportunity to impress by having a product "in the works."

If you have worked with a professional stager or a knowledgeable real estate pro you will know what needs to be done before the first prospect shows up at your front door.

This process of being at the ready is an ongoing process as long as your home is on the market, because sellers should always treat the next showing as the prospect who makes the offer!

If you are thinking about selling your Brevard County, Florida home, call me to discuss the process.  It is not too early to put the wheels in motion - even if you have a couple of months to get ready!

A well thought out plan may in fact lead to a shorter process - impress early, close sooner!

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