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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Internet has made everyone an expert–on some things...

In matters of real estate, ask an expert.  As well meaning as they may be the reality is your neighbor, friend, relative (dad, mom, brother) or the guy you work with every day is not a real estate expert.

The abundance of available information on the Internet today allows anyone to search for bits and pieces of information, and valid or not, espouse questionable advice on multiple topics.

The real estate expert will be a local real estate agent who works in the business every day.

But real estate agents have their limitations as well.

I was speaking with an attorney a few days ago and  commented I do not give legal opinions, tax opinions or construction opinions. 

But those who know me will say I do, on occasion, offer up a personal opinion – on lots of many topics!

When you are ready to buy or sell real estate, find a qualified expert – not just someone who will give you an opinion.

The below notice appears below my signature line on all of my emails and summarizes my areas of expertise and limitations.

GARY L WATERS PLLC is a Florida licensed real estate agent (BK3064647). A real estate agent is qualified to advise you specifically about real estate sales, leasing, management, property values and marketing. For advice regarding legal, tax, insurance, or property inspections issues, you are recommended to consult an appropriate licensed professional.

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