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Sunday, March 31, 2013

The missing photos tell the real story…

Reviewing listings for possible appointments last week I noticed something that I had never really paid much attention to when reviewing homes for sale in Melbourne, Florida.

Whenever I look at listings of homes for sale in Viera, Florida I always glance at the the price and general specifications like bedroom/bathroom count before proceeding to the most important advertising tool a seller has....the pictures.

Usually even some of the most humble properties have pictures that are generally pretty good.  Perhaps this is a reflection of the quality of cameras and availability of photo editing software.

Our local Brevard  MLS system allows up to twelve photos.  This limitation can be a challenge when trying to sell a home for sale with lots of great qualities and space.

Oh, back to my epiphany regarding the pictures...

  1. Listings which have all allowable photos but fail to include kitchen or bathroom photos are like that for a reason.
  2. Listings which fail to include any interior pictures are like that for a reason.

Buyers are almost always more interested in the kitchen and master bathroom than any other interior space.  If they are not shown, there may be an issue.

Skimping on the pictures can mean only two things:  Issues or a listing real estate agent who has yet to realize that buyers want to see and not just read about a house.

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