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Monday, March 25, 2013

The most critical time in the home buying and selling process

There are several situations during the home buying and selling process where time is critical.  Depending on whether one is buyer or seller these vary.

As a seller the first "critical" time is the period immediately prior to placing your home on the market.  Getting a home ready for the market (ready to compete) requires a well timed plan.

As a buyer in a shifting market like Brevard County, Florida a critical time for a buyer is knowing when to make the offer.  The number of multiple offer situations requires buyers to decide early on if the property is the one and how much to offer.

Once an offer to purchase is made (and accepted) the clock starts ticking.  There are multiple critical points like response times, days to review association documents, days to conduct an inspection and more.

The commonly used Florida offer to purchase contract states it pretty clearly: "Time is of the essence."

And as the day of closing gets closer time becomes even more critical.   It is critical buyers and sellers be accessible and respond during the closing process.

Whether buyer or seller as the closing date gets near the deal is the priority.

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