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Monday, March 11, 2013

Why is a showing tomorrow more important than the one last week?

The average days on the market for a home for sale in Brevard County, Florida is somewhere in the neighborhood of  90 days.  That means many homes are on the market (and having showings) for a much longer time!

And this time may be unnecessarily longer when a seller finds themselves less than enthusiastic about the showing tomorrow!

Sellers need to understand this reality about selling a home - selling is not necessarily a short process or one that is free from multiple stresses.

Accept early on that selling involves a change of routine.

Selling means refraining from cooking certain foods (smells can be a turn off...think fried fish).  Selling means accommodating short notice showings at sometimes   Selling means added inconveniences like putting away things you normally leave on counter tops (think kitchen and bathroom).  Selling means leaving some lights on during the day even when you are not home.

One of the keys to success when selling your home is to treat every showing appointment as your future buyer.

Because you never know.

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