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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Buying a Home in Brevard County, Florida - Are School Assignment Areas a Key Consideration?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Put another way, which came first, the school choice or the home to purchase?

Many families, especially those with school age children, start the home search process by researching the local schools.   And then once they have found the schools they want their children to attend they begin the home search.

Many folks who do not have school age children look at school quality as well.   School quality impacts home value - either positively or other otherwise.  

There are many sources of opinion and rating services about public schools.  If it is a job transfer someone at the new employer office may have advice.  If one has contacts in the area they will certainly provide an opinion.  Some sites provide school system rankings.   

Some folks will find a general area and then investigate the schools further.  Personally this is one of the approaches I prefer.

Once a general area has been identified, click here to see where the Brevard County, Florida public school boundaries are located.

This is the point where caution should be exercised.
DO NOT USE ANY WEB SITE AS A DEFINITE SCHOOL ASSIGNMENT TOOL.  I encourage all buyers to stop by the identified school and verify the attendance boundaries before making a purchase decision.
Continuing down the "school" path remember this  - A key component of the home buying process is to do your home work.  Need some "home work" ideas, check here.

school assignment areas!

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