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Monday, April 01, 2013

Is your real estate agent lazy or just afraid they will get sued?

Have you ever had a buyer client who had specific room size needs?  I know I have had prospects who wanted a master bedroom of a certain size or possibly a very large kitchen.

After searching the MLS system I find several listings meeting my customers desires: price range, age, total square footage and in the right area.

And then I read the the narrative and see these words....“nice sized bedrooms.” Now we are cooking gas, Jack!

So my immediate response is to check the dimensions in the spaces allocated in the listing.  Guess what?  None. Zero. Just a bunch of  "X" marks.

So, how does a lazy agent measure the room?  Verbally.  Yep, nice sized...

Now here is something to think about..... I had another real estate agent tell me they do not put room measurements in the MLS because they may get sued if the measurements are not exact.

Have we fallen that far?  Have we allowed the ambulance chasers to infiltrate every aspect of daily life?

Can't be sued for saying something is "nice sized" I guess....

Have a great day!

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