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Monday, April 22, 2013

Pricing strategies to sell your home....

I learned a long time ago how easily we remember the positive and forget the negative experiences.

Back when I was in the U.S. Navy I remember deployments where I was at sea for six or more months at a time.  I remember many good times spent with my Navy friends and places we visited.  I remember coming home and when I finally got assigned to shore duty for a tour.

But these deployments were not all good times.

I am convinced many sellers only want to remember the good times when it comes to selling.  Some sellers will take these memories and attempt to price them into the house.  Hopefully their real estate agent convinces them to price based on real data and not emotion.

Pricing a house to sell involves looking at the active competition.  Pricing a house to sell involves analyzing what has recently sold  in your area.  Pricing a house to sell involves looking at the property's condition and pricing accordingly.

Pricing a house to sell does not involve looking at the life events that occurred while living in the house.

The nice thing about memories is they can go with you to the next house, the next town, the next step in life.

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