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Friday, April 19, 2013

Selling Your Home - Whether in a buyer’s or seller's market it really does not matter!

Whether buyer’s or seller's market it really does not matter...price will always be the king.

Specifically it is all about the current market – not where the market will be in six months or where it was six months ago.

I remember way back when the prices started the big decline.  I saw sellers who used the rear view mirror approach to pricing - lowering their price after they had already passed the price point on the downward curve

In a declining market smart sellers priced their homes just below the current selling prices for similar homes. Many have learned the futility of chasing a falling market.

It all comes down to pricing that is
  • consistent with the sold comparable properties and 
  • accounts for the real competition (not the overpriced neighbor). 
There is a buyer for every house or condo – at the right price.

Considering selling your Viera, Suntree or Rockledge, Florida home?  Call me at 321-693-3850 if I can assist in any way including a free market analysis.

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