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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Home Inspections - Who should attend?

Home Inspections - Who should attend?

One of the most critical components of the home purchase process is the home inspection.  Even if a purchase is "as is" an inspection is always recommended.

So who should attend the inspection?  Because of the enormity of the purchase the buyer almost always attends the inspection.   Inspections usually take a couple of hours at a minimum so many of the inspectors I have worked with in the Brevard County area like to have the buyer show up about half way through the process.  Then they can give them the tour and a summary of any issues found.

What about your real estate agent?  I always attend the inspection - usually near the mid-point (about an hour or so into the process).

I attend but keep my mouth shut about the actual inspection as I am not a licensed inspector (or much of a handyman anyway!).  I like to use the time to discuss the home buying process with my client and answer any questions about the process, etc.

I have run into some real estate agents who shy away from the inspection as they feel being there adds potential liability.  Personally, I do not subscribe to that philosophy.

My job is to be with my client all the way to the closing table.

So what do we do once we have a property inspection report?  The answer here tomorrow...

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