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Sunday, June 30, 2013

What is "earnest money?"

What is earnest money?   This is my article published in the Florida Today newspaper June 30, 2013.

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Technology is great but it can't replace a good Realtor®

I read an article in the Florida Today newspaper yesterday about real estate apps The column was writen by Scott Tilley a Professor of software engineering at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne.

For the most part I agree wholeheartedly with Professor Tilley's assessment of real estate applications.  His assessment about real estate was right on target - "this is not your grandfather's real estate market."

I am not sure of his assessment on the accuracy of these apps although it may be more of an issue of knowing how to appropriately interpret the data.

The last paragraph summed it up nicely..."None of this technology obviates the need for a good Realtor®.  It just means you are better prepared...."

In Brevard County, Florida that Realtor® is Gary L. Waters, PLLC. 

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Home Ownership - Don't get caught up in the "wanting" while ignoring the "paying."

"Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go, I owe my soul to the company store" go the words in the song Sixteen Tons made famous years ago by Tennessee Ernie Ford.

Years ago working folks in many mining towns found themselves in a situation where the employer would deduct the rent from their pay while letting workers also run a tab at the company owned store.  The company would automatically deduct the tab from the paycheck and the worker would continue to work.

At some point the debt would be so high a worker was stuck.  They were like a hamster on the wheel of life.   They could not afford to pay off the tab and move to another job or town.  They owed their all to the company store.

What does this have to to do buying a house?

Just this one word...moderation.

The bank is not a company store although it may loan you money for necessities (your house, your car, your credit card, etc).  Still, you don't want to find yourself in a position of continuing to work just to pay the "tab."

There is more to life than working two or more jobs to have the biggest house, newest car, and fanciest whatever!

Home ownership, like a solid education, is a good thing.  It is a positive direction for one's future.

But don't get caught up in the "wanting" while ignoring the future "paying."

When you are ready to buy or sell a house or condo in Brevard County, Florida, call me at 321-693-3850 or email me.   I am here to assist... not over sell.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Heritage Isle in Viera - New construction inventory low, Re-sale choices shrinking as well!

There will come a day when there are no new homes to purchase in Heritage Isle in Viera.  It happens in almost every development ever built.  I had a caller this week inquire about new construction duplexes in Heritage Isle.  They were excited about the prospect of buying in Heritage Isle.

Lennar Homes, the developer, offers patio style villas which are smaller than the duplex properties which typically are about 1,800 sq.ft with a two car garage.  Most of the patio style homes Lennar builds are smaller with 1,400-1,500 sq ft under air with a single car garage.

Viera Builders had been constructing the duplex properties but have just sold out according to a Viera representative I spoke with yesterday.  She indicated Viera Builders was finished with construction in Heritage Isle.

At this time there is one active half duplex listing in Heritage Isle - a 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage short sale with 1,835 under air listed as a short sale.  There is also one re-sale patio style home in the MLS system - a 1,407 2 bedroom 2 bath 1 car garage home listed at $150,000.

As the market heats up the inventory of re-sale homes is shrinking.  Likewise, new construction inventory is limited.  Within the Heritage Isle community, as of this morning, there are only fifteen active listings including condo units!

My caller was disappointed by two things - no more new construction and prices had increased!

If you have considered selling your home and moving up, this may be the time.  Call me at 321-693-3850 if I can help in any way.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What do you mean you can't answer that question?

In the course of showing buyers homes in the Brevard County, Florida area I am occasionally asked questions - some pretty blunt - that I can't answer or will not answer.  The restrictions are either topics addressed by laws such as Fair Housing or questions a buyer needs to research themselves.
Some of these questions center around topics like:  neighborhood make up (like families or children in the neighborhood), the "best" schools in the area, the crime rate, future land use for vacant lots, etc. 

It can be things like questions about the ability to put a pool in the back yard? A survey is a good place to start here. What about fences, can I have one?  The association rules and deed restrictions may answer this one.  What about parking a commercial vehicle in the drive way?  How many years are left on the roof or AC?

If one wants to find out about the neighborhood how about walking the neighborhood and speaking with neighbors.  Consider contacting local law enforcement agencies about crime rates.  Check the Florida Department of Law Enforcement web site for sex offender registries.

I suggest speaking with members of the homeowner association board of directors. I suggest reviewing the homeowner association documents.  As for construction or structural issues an inspection will provide many answers that I am certainly not qualified to provide. As for local schools, visit the schools in the neighborhood of interest or research the best schools on web sites like Neighborhood Scout.

Buyers should perform necessary due diligence through research and verification of accuracy of information provided.   How they get the answers and use them to make their decisions is theirs and theirs alone.

After all, I am not an attorney, tax adviser, home inspector, AC expert, or any other of these specialties.  I am a real estate agent who will assist buyers in locating properties that meet their criterion and guide through the purchase process.  Let me know if I can help you buy or sell a home in Brevard County, Florida.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Buyers and Sellers - There is a time to be quiet!

There was an interesting article recently on the LA Times web site about property sellers who talk too much.  Although your house is not a ship when it comes to selling the old saying "loose lips sink ships" might be an appropriate rule to follow.

My advice to sellers has always been the same.  Disclose all that is required and necessary to inform prospective buyers about your property and any issues.  And with all disclosures be truthful - say what you know and don't speak if you do not know with certainty. and always be truthful.

Oh, another piece of important advice I offer to my seller clients - take a hike.  It is my job to market your home.  The bottom line is a house will sell itself.  Pricing and promotion got the buyer’s attention so now let the house seal the deal!

And if circumstances prevent a seller from leaving my advice is to remain silent.  Do not
  • offer information (remember you have already disclosed in writing) or answer questions, 
  • give a tour, 
  • provide commentary on how badly you need to sell,
  • or reveal how low you will go on your price.  
As a seller, the only real estate agent you should be sharing information with is your own!

As for buyers, do not voice how much you love the home or how badly you want it.  Do not offer up anything like "I must have this house."

As it stated in the above referenced LA Times article where I was quoted...
"Buyers are meant to be seen, not heard, especially when viewing a house," said Gary Waters of Rockledge, Fla. "They need to share between themselves and their agent, not the seller's agent."
When you are ready to sell your Viera, Rockledge or Merritt Island home, I would welcome a chance to discuss how I can work with you.  Call me at 321-693-3850 (cell).

Friday, June 21, 2013

Home Buyer Tips - forget the "approved amount" and look at the "required amount."

A word of caution to home buyers when it comes to mortgages -  forget the "approved amount" and look at the "required amount."

I remember a comment I heard once from someone who had just received a mortgage pre-approval letter.

I recall it went something like this..."Approved for this much? Now I can see why there are so many foreclosures!"   The comment was meant to emphasize the point - the maximum level of approval may put a clamp on your future budget and lifestyle if you go for the maximum purchase amount

The required amount is not the dream amount for the perfect home but rather the amount required to reasonably meet one's requirements in a new home.  This is where a buyer needs to assess the "must have" characteristics of their target home.  Sure 2,500 square feet would be nice but do you really need that much space if it means stretching your budget to its maximum?

Buying a home is not like being a kid going to the store to spend their allowance.  Know all the numbers including the ones not in the purchase price before proceeding.

If you are considering a home purchase step one is to speak with a mortgage professional.  In Brevard County, Florida give me a call and I will gladly provide several contacts with whom you can discuss mortgages and budgets.

How much you can afford today or next year does not speak to five or ten years out.  There will be little things like replacement vehicles, kid's braces, college education expenses, an occasional vacation and more.

Home ownership is great but I caution buyers to not become house poor where most of your cash is tied up on  your house!

Moderation is a good rule of thumb in most things in life.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

How much house will $300,000 buy in Brevard County, Florida?

We have all heard one thing concerning real estate - It is all about location, location, location! 

In Brevard County, Florida the location whether beach side, north or south or wherever has a big impact on home prices.  Below are representative samples of standard sales of single family detached homes that closed in May or June 2013.  Remember these are regular sales of nice homes - no discounted foreclosures, short sales or fixer uppers.  The sale date is in parentheses.
  • Titusville - 3,639 sq.ft. 5 bedroom 3.5 bath 3 car garage  2007 built home on .84 acres sold for  $290,000 (05/13/13)
  • Viera - 2,745 sq.ft. 5 bedroom 3 bath 3 car garage 2008 built home in Capron Ridge on .21 acres sold for $308,000 (05/31/13)
  • Viera - 2,632 sq.ft. 4 bedroom 3 bath 3 car garage 2008 built home in Heritage Isle sold for $300,000 (05/15/13)
  • Suntree - 2,877 sq.ft. 4 bedroom 2.5 bath 3 car garage 1998 built home with a pool on .22 acres in Sunrise subdivision sold for $310,000 (05/24/13)
  • North Merritt Island - 2,432 sq. ft. 4 bedroom 3 bath 2 car garage 2001 built pool home on .52 acres in Otter Trace sold for $300,000 (05/23/13)
  • Central Merritt Island -  1,622 sq. ft. 4 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage pool home built in 1978 located on .21 acres canal front sold for $295,000 (05/28/13)
  • Cocoa Beach - 2,002 sq. ft. 1960 built 4 bedroom 2 bath 2 car carport with pool on a .25 acre canal lot sold for $305,000 (05/30/13)
  • Suntree - 3,562 sq. ft. 5 bedroom 3.5 bath 2 car garage 2006 built home on .24 acres in Grand Haven sold for $305,000 (06/03/13)
  • Palm Bay - 2,885 sq.ft. 3 bedroom 3.5 bath 2 car garage pool home on 1.01 acres in Lake Forest at Bayside Lakes sold for $300,000 (05/17/13)
Three hundred thousand dollars will purchase a very nice home in Brevard County, Florida.  The above examples illustrate a couple of key points about homes for sale in Brevard County.
  1. First, water costs a lot more depending on the type of water (canal front, pond or ocean/river). 
  2. Secondly, you can get more house for the dollar at the extremes of the County (Titusville/Mims and Palm Bay.

For information on homes for sale in Brevard County, FL call me at 321-693-3850 or 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Home Seller Tips - Pricing Your Home in a Rising Market

Most are aware the real estate market is shifting to the seller's favor.   If you are trying to sell your Viera, Florida home you are probably thinking  "It is about time!"

Over the past couple of months every buyer I have worked with has come up against the same thing - the property they were interested in was a target for several multiple offers.  This is a good thing for sellers.... not as good for buyers.

What do these sellers know?  They know that you can't price your home too low. They realize that an attractive price can bring multiple offers.  Let the buyers "fight it out."

Still, in a market favoring sellers, there are those sellers who are not receiving multiple offers.  There are many who are not receiving any offers.  These are sellers who have obviously priced themselves out of the current competition.

Why do sellers price too high?   Maybe the seller's agent recommended a listing price that was really above market (perhaps to just get the listing).   Maybe the sellers were just too optimistic even though their agent recommended a lower price.  Sometimes the sellers were testing the market.

In a market with a decreasing (or low inventory) and prices slowly climbing it is not unrealistic to price at or near the high end of the market.


There is a fine line between being competitive and being viewed as seller who is non-motivated and just fishing for a sucker!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pricing your home to sell in a rising market.

In the real estate business you are either a seller or a comparable property used to make the guy down the street the seller. 

Some folks go to the trouble of hiring an agent to "market" their home even though are not really sellers. 

Just because one puts an entry in the MLS, places a sign out front and gets a few showings does not make them "sellers."

When is a seller not really a seller?  When the price is not competitive with the market.

In a rising market, such as the current Brevard County, Florida real estate market, it is completely acceptable to price optimistically.

A couple of other real estate pricing realities:  (1) Listed price does not require one to sell if an offer comes in at that price.  (2)  Sellers can always raise the listing price.  In other words, there is no such thing as listing too low.

Pricing is a reflection of a seller's goals, timeline, and circumstances (motivation).   I am referring to those sellers who are way out of the realm of reality.... the dreamers, hoping to capture a sucker.  Even if  an offer arrives the property will need to appraise for a mortgage unless it is a cash offer.

If you are ready to be a seller in Brevard County, Florida, call me at 321-693-3850 or email me.

Selling your Brevard County, Florida Home - What is a "pocket listing?"

"Pocket listings" seem to be returning to the real estate market.  .

What is a pocket listing?   Some definitions refer to when a real estate broker has a listing agreement but waits before placing it in the multiple listing service to have time to find a buyer themselves.  This practice is typically prohibited by multiple listing rules.

I am referring to the situation where a potential seller does not want to list their home at the time but a real estate agent is aware if a buyer is found the owner will consider selling.

In a period of rising prices sellers may not be fishing for buyers but they are sitting on the banks.

Pocket listings, in my opinion,  reflect an uncommitted seller who will, if the right offer comes along, sell.   This limited "non-distribution" of the seller's interest restricts the possibilities.

If you want to really sell your Brevard County, Florida house let's get it listed and marketed to your prospective buyer pool.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Preparation for selling is something folks shouldn't do after they don't get offers....

The average number of days on the market for residential properties since May 1, 2013 is 77 days.  That is really not a long time.  The median number of days on the market for the same period is 38 days.

Why do some homes stay on the market longer?  There could be lots of reasons ranging from price too high, price for condition, circumstances of sale (short sale, foreclosure), etc.  Sometimes a property is unique in style or price range.

For example, high end properties (over several million dollars) have a smaller potential buyer pool in Brevard County, Florida.  There are currently 13 properties for sale in Brevard County listed at $3,000,000 or more.  There are ninety six residential properties listed at or above a million dollars.  The number of buyers shopping in this range is certainly limited.  No wonder some of these sit on the market for years.

If your home is for sale and has been sitting a while take a look at a couple of things.  First,consider the price.  It is almost always about price.

Secondly, consider the property condition.  It maybe a simple case of doing some little things to better prepare your home for the eyes of discerning (sometimes hypercritical).

Preparation for selling should not be something folks do after they fail to receive offers - do it first....

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Should a real estate agent lie for their seller? A rhetorical question....

I just read an article that discussed whether it was ever ethical for a real estate agent to lie for their seller.  This discussion centered around one real estate agent telling another agent they there is already another offer on the table.

As the market shifts I would like to think that the "another offer" response will not be used to twist a buyer into making a higher offer.  I am hopeful it will be used in very limited circumstances when their actually is another offer.

Not long ago I wrote about "Multiple Offers - Is this a scam?" 

Once a property has been found and it is time make an offer buyers should decide up front the most money they are willing to pay for the property.  Then when the multiple offer response surfaces they will know the direction to take and not get caught up in some bidding war.  It is becoming a seller's market so buyers must think things through - not respond with an automatic higher offer.

So back to the question "Should a real estate agent lie for their seller?"

I am not a moral judge here. My answer is a firm no.

Realtors® have a responsibility to the public - honesty.

If an agent will lie to another agent, what stops them from lying to a client?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Does waiting make sense if you will get less for more later?

I know a prospective home buyer who has been thinking about buying a home for a long time.   This buyer can afford a purchase of "A dollars" based on credit scores, income and obligations, etc.   This buyer wants a monthly payment of "B dollars."

Having a solid budget in mind is great.  It is amazing how many buyers look at "A dollars" and take that as the spending target.

The "B dollars" payment is based on a purchase price about 35% less than the pre-appoved purchase price.  Now disappointment sets in as the desired property will likely cost about 15% less than the approved amount.

What does a prospective home buyer do?  There are three choices here.
  1. Not purchase anything. 
  2. Raise acceptable monthly payment.
  3. Change expectations.
Which is the best choice?

The real estate market in Brevard County is shifting with prices increasing steadily at the moment.  In a period of rising prices and the potential for increased interest rates the first option may be the least desirable.   Interest rates change purchase ability.   Although a cushion exists in this case, why wait and pay more?

The other two choices are strictly a personal decision related to long term goals, savings plans, future planning and the like.  I will not advise anyone to pay more than they want to spend.  The purchase of a house is a long term obligation and a decision that should be entered into freely - not pressured like a used car salesman!

The expectations one has in a home is something buyers need to consider.  There are the things a house must have (location, size, yard size, etc) and then there things the house can not have (repair issues, design flaws, etc).

Finally, let me add one more choice to the three listed above.

      4.  Increase the down payment to bring the monthly payment in line with desires.

This is sometimes not a real choice so I did not list it above.  Still, if it is something that could be achieved, it should be considered as well. 

As prices increase I think of the words "a rising tide lifts all boats" coined by John F. Kennedy.  An increasing trend in real estate prices will also raise the price of even the less desirable properties.

Does waiting make sense if you will get less for more later?  Only the buyer can make this decision.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Home Buyer Tips - Why do I need my own buyer's agent?

I have spoken with many prospective buyers through the years who did not have their own real estate agent.

In most cases they were calling me because it was my listing and they saw my sign out front.  I appreciated the call.  At other times if twas at an open house.

If you call me about one of my listings I will do my very best to sell my client's house to you or another one if you do not have your own real estate agent.

If you stop by my open house I will try to sell you my client's house or get you to commit to working with me and find another property later.  Again, that is if you do not have a real estate agent already. 

Also, if you stop by that model home the representative on site works for the builder.  You can (and should) have your own real estate agent with new construction as well!

In the sales business this is simple lead conversion.

Now here is why you should not call the real estate agent who has a sign in the front yard.  Because the real estate agent with the sign in the yard works for the seller.

This concept is one many first time buyers do not understand.  If you are new to the home buying process (or experienced) call me at 321-693-3850 of I can help in any way.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What are the two most important steps in buying a home?

What are the two most important steps in buying a home?

There probably thousands of articles on the Internet that provide information on "How to buy a home."

They likely all include many very similar items all of which are very important.  However, I believe there are two points that more important than the others.

If you skip or fail to adequately accomplish these check marks, much of the other information will be pretty useless. Those steps include:
  1. Get pre-approved.  You must know up front exactly what you can purchase.  You must have an understanding of the cost of home ownership including some of the items/expenses you can not control.   A budget in hand is key.  It is from this vital information decisions can be made as to location, size, age, etc.   The ability to purchase is key to the entire process.
  2. Get a professional buyer's agent.  Your relationship with your Realtor® is key.  It should be a long term relationship (future referrals, future business).  
If you do these two things first then the rest of the process will be much easier and your chance of success improved.

Whether you are an experienced home buyer or a first time home buyer I suggest you take advantge of your real estate agent's knowledge early on  in the process.   As I see it the responsibilities of professional real estate agents includes the requirement to inform and educate the client in the process.

Don't have a real estate agent?  Send me an email or give me a call if you have any questions. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Home Seller Tips - The price of memories...

Selling a home is an emotional experience.  Sellers are very often attached to the memories associated with their house.

Sometimes sellers attempt to price in these memories when they are trying to sell their home.  If memories could have a price tag associated with them you can be sure the seller's price will not be anywhere near a prospective buyer's value.

Selling a home requires sellers to keep emotions in check.  When deciding on a listing price for your home an unemotional cost-benefit analysis is a good starting point.

First, consider why you are selling?  Are you moving up to a larger home or downsizing?  In a market with increasing prices (and competition) your replacement property will also be increasing in price as your home lingers on the market.  Is this a winning scenario?

What about the carrying costs?  Do you want to continue paying your mortgage, insurance, association dues and other expenses for additional months?

Think about interest rates as well.  Are they headed up?  As interest rates increase the buying power for those getting a mortgage will likely decrease.

And then what about the constant disruption to your life as you endure people always wanting t o view your property.  

When you are ready to list your home consider your pricing strategy early on.  The two key considerations impacting your success - price and preparation -  can not be lightly addressed.

As for the price of memories?  There is no need to price your memories.  They will go with you wherever you may move next.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Fairway Lakes at Viera - Golf Course Homes for Sale in Viera, Florida

A customer asked me to send him some photos of the gated  Fairway Lakes at Viera community over the weekend so I wanted to share them here as well along with a market update.

 The Fairway Lakes community offers gated, golf course living on one of Brevard County’s most desirable course – Duran Golf Club.

Located near The Avenues at Viera shopping mall, the new Viera Hospital, Viera High School, and more, Fairway Lakes offers homeowners a great location, quality executive homes at very reasonable prices.

Since January 1, 2013 there have been four homes sold in Viera's gated executive community of Fairway Lakes at Viera. 

These homes sold for prices ranging from $396,000 to a high of $622,000.  The other two homes sold for $550,000 and $590,000. 

Prices for homes in Fairway Lakes at Viera can vary considerably due to builder (for example Toll Brothers, Rutenberg Homes, Christopher Burton, Viera Builders), location and view (golf course direct, water), amenities, and other factors such as circumstances of sale will influence price.

Currently there are three active listings in Fairway Lakes at Viera.  The listing prices for these homes range from $459,000 to $689,800.   These are all pool homes and were built by Arthur Rutenberg and Toll Brothers builders.  Under air size varies from 2,817 to 4,049 square feet under air.

And it is possible to get new construction in Fairway Lakes as well…. send me an email for new construction information.

For information homes for sale in Fairway Lakes at Viera, please give me a call at 321-693-3850 or email me.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Should a buyer have a survey done?

I just read a comment by a real estate agent about how newer developments have better marked property lines so surveys are not really necessary.

Really?  Not so fast with such blanket comments!

I always recommend a survey be done by the buyer.   Here in our part of Florida the going cost is only about $300-$400 for the usual residential survey.

I have never had a single buyer not get a survey done - even in the newer developments in areas like Viera, Florida.

Pools or their decking/enclosure can encroach into easements (seen this one).  Although not intentional, fences have been installed on the wrong property (seen this as well).  By the way both of these were in newer developments within Suntree and Viera (Melbourne, Florida).

As a future homeowner it is certainly better to know your property boundaries before you sign than later when an issue arises.

Get the survey done as well as a property inspection, termite inspection and any others deemed necessary as a result of these inspection.  A home purchase is a major obligation deserving of the expense required for professional inspections.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Why I want to be your Brevard County, Florida Real Estate Agent.

Think of all the service businesses you have encountered through the years.  Some were likely really good and some were probably really bad.

Anyone in a service business wants only one thing - to be among the really good.   Still there is probably one other category of business providers.   The ones you have forgotten along the way.

Two of these, the bad and the forgotten, are never good for business.   Word of mouth referrals will never come to the bad.  Repeat business nor referrals will never come to the forgotten. 

So why do I want to be your Brevard County, Florida real estate agent?    Because I know customers notice 

And they remember - long after their Realtor® has moved on.  And word of mouth referral is my greatest source of new business.

Considering buying or selling a home in Viera, Suntree or Rockledge, Florida?   Call me at 321-693-3850 or email me

 Let me earn your future referral.


Brevard County, Florida Homes Sold May 2013 by Zip Code (Zip Code 32955 32940 32935 32934 32952 32953 32931 32901 32931)

The below represents residential properties sold in some Brevard County, Florida zip codes during May 2013 as reported in the Brevard Realtors MLS system.

Groupings are by general area of the county although they do not include every single zip codeThe purpose is to provide a general idea of the trending prices by area. 

Titusville, north
32780/32796  Units Sold  - 66  Average Days on Market - 75   Average Selling Price - $98,977  

Port St John
32927            Units Sold - 30   Average Days on Market - 86   Average Selling Price - $98,666

32955            Units Sold  - 56  Average Days on Market - 69   Average Selling Price - $204,341
32940            Units Sold  - 77  Average Days on Market - 82   Average Selling Price - $247,278          

Eau Gallie/Satellite Beach         
32935            Units Sold  - 44  Average Days on Market - 77  Average Selling Price - $95,651

West Melbourne         
32934            Units Sold - 16  Average Days on Market  - 81  Average Selling Price - $311,088

Merritt Island
32952            Units Sold  - 35  Average Days on Market - 82  Average Selling Price - $230,543
32953            Units Sold - 36  Average Days on Market  - 65  Average Selling Price - $182,890

Cocoa Beach
32931            Units Sold - 12  Average Days on Market  - 56  Average Selling Price - $284,230

Melbourne/Melbourne Beach
32901            Units Sold - 29  Average Days on Market  - 77 Average Selling Price - $101,478

Palm Bay area (32905,32907,32908,32908)
                      Units Sold - 174  Average Days on Market - 72 Average Selling Price - $95,302

What can be gathered from these numbers?    Generalizations are not always good however these prices reflect one thing that is consistent...lower prices in the southern and northern boundaries of the county.

For information on homes for sale in Brevard County, Florida, please give me a call at 321-693-3850 or send me an email.

The Ventura at Turtle Creek condo communty in Rockledge, Florida - Market activity June 2013

The gated condo community of The Ventura at Turtle Creek located in Rockledge, Florida offers owners some of the best amenities in the area in a central Florida location close to everything.

With its club house, pool, conservation area, convenient location next door to Turtle Creek Golf Course, proximity to excellent schools and more, this gated condo complex deserves a look if you are considering a central Florida condo.  These units would also make a great weekend getaway or second home with Orlando International Airport only 40 miles away.,

As of June 4, 2013 there are two active units in The Ventura at Turtle Creek condo complex in Rockledge, Florida.

One is a standard sale and the other foreclosure.  Both of these units have been on the market for less than three weeks and the list prices are indicators of increasing prices ($125,000, $109,900).

Currently there are nine units under contract.  Of these only only two are standard sales.  Not surprisingly these two units are also the highest priced of the pending units (both listed at $110,000).

There were four units that closed in May 2013:
  • 3868 Lexmark Lane #301 - a 1,247 sq.ft. 3/2/ 1 car garage unit, sold price $105,000 (cash)
  • 3868 Lexmark Lane #401 - a 1,247 sq.ft. 3/2/ 1 car carport unit, sold price $102,500 (cash)
  • 3868 Lexmark Lane #302 - a 1,112 sq.ft. 2/2/ 1 car garage, sold price $98,500 (cash)
  • 1626 Peregrine Circle #405 - a 1,412 sq.ft. [foreclosure] 3/2/ 1 car garage overlooking a pond, sold price $110,000 cash 
For information on condos for sale in Rockledge and Viera, Florida, send me an email or give me a call at 321-693-3850.

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