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Monday, June 24, 2013

Buyers and Sellers - There is a time to be quiet!

There was an interesting article recently on the LA Times web site about property sellers who talk too much.  Although your house is not a ship when it comes to selling the old saying "loose lips sink ships" might be an appropriate rule to follow.

My advice to sellers has always been the same.  Disclose all that is required and necessary to inform prospective buyers about your property and any issues.  And with all disclosures be truthful - say what you know and don't speak if you do not know with certainty. and always be truthful.

Oh, another piece of important advice I offer to my seller clients - take a hike.  It is my job to market your home.  The bottom line is a house will sell itself.  Pricing and promotion got the buyer’s attention so now let the house seal the deal!

And if circumstances prevent a seller from leaving my advice is to remain silent.  Do not
  • offer information (remember you have already disclosed in writing) or answer questions, 
  • give a tour, 
  • provide commentary on how badly you need to sell,
  • or reveal how low you will go on your price.  
As a seller, the only real estate agent you should be sharing information with is your own!

As for buyers, do not voice how much you love the home or how badly you want it.  Do not offer up anything like "I must have this house."

As it stated in the above referenced LA Times article where I was quoted...
"Buyers are meant to be seen, not heard, especially when viewing a house," said Gary Waters of Rockledge, Fla. "They need to share between themselves and their agent, not the seller's agent."
When you are ready to sell your Viera, Rockledge or Merritt Island home, I would welcome a chance to discuss how I can work with you.  Call me at 321-693-3850 (cell).

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