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Friday, June 14, 2013

Home Buyer Tips - Why do I need my own buyer's agent?

I have spoken with many prospective buyers through the years who did not have their own real estate agent.

In most cases they were calling me because it was my listing and they saw my sign out front.  I appreciated the call.  At other times if twas at an open house.

If you call me about one of my listings I will do my very best to sell my client's house to you or another one if you do not have your own real estate agent.

If you stop by my open house I will try to sell you my client's house or get you to commit to working with me and find another property later.  Again, that is if you do not have a real estate agent already. 

Also, if you stop by that model home the representative on site works for the builder.  You can (and should) have your own real estate agent with new construction as well!

In the sales business this is simple lead conversion.

Now here is why you should not call the real estate agent who has a sign in the front yard.  Because the real estate agent with the sign in the yard works for the seller.

This concept is one many first time buyers do not understand.  If you are new to the home buying process (or experienced) call me at 321-693-3850 of I can help in any way.

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