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Monday, June 17, 2013

Preparation for selling is something folks shouldn't do after they don't get offers....

The average number of days on the market for residential properties since May 1, 2013 is 77 days.  That is really not a long time.  The median number of days on the market for the same period is 38 days.

Why do some homes stay on the market longer?  There could be lots of reasons ranging from price too high, price for condition, circumstances of sale (short sale, foreclosure), etc.  Sometimes a property is unique in style or price range.

For example, high end properties (over several million dollars) have a smaller potential buyer pool in Brevard County, Florida.  There are currently 13 properties for sale in Brevard County listed at $3,000,000 or more.  There are ninety six residential properties listed at or above a million dollars.  The number of buyers shopping in this range is certainly limited.  No wonder some of these sit on the market for years.

If your home is for sale and has been sitting a while take a look at a couple of things.  First,consider the price.  It is almost always about price.

Secondly, consider the property condition.  It maybe a simple case of doing some little things to better prepare your home for the eyes of discerning (sometimes hypercritical).

Preparation for selling should not be something folks do after they fail to receive offers - do it first....

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