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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pricing your home to sell in a rising market.

In the real estate business you are either a seller or a comparable property used to make the guy down the street the seller. 

Some folks go to the trouble of hiring an agent to "market" their home even though are not really sellers. 

Just because one puts an entry in the MLS, places a sign out front and gets a few showings does not make them "sellers."

When is a seller not really a seller?  When the price is not competitive with the market.

In a rising market, such as the current Brevard County, Florida real estate market, it is completely acceptable to price optimistically.

A couple of other real estate pricing realities:  (1) Listed price does not require one to sell if an offer comes in at that price.  (2)  Sellers can always raise the listing price.  In other words, there is no such thing as listing too low.

Pricing is a reflection of a seller's goals, timeline, and circumstances (motivation).   I am referring to those sellers who are way out of the realm of reality.... the dreamers, hoping to capture a sucker.  Even if  an offer arrives the property will need to appraise for a mortgage unless it is a cash offer.

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