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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Selling your Brevard County, Florida Home - What is a "pocket listing?"

"Pocket listings" seem to be returning to the real estate market.  .

What is a pocket listing?   Some definitions refer to when a real estate broker has a listing agreement but waits before placing it in the multiple listing service to have time to find a buyer themselves.  This practice is typically prohibited by multiple listing rules.

I am referring to the situation where a potential seller does not want to list their home at the time but a real estate agent is aware if a buyer is found the owner will consider selling.

In a period of rising prices sellers may not be fishing for buyers but they are sitting on the banks.

Pocket listings, in my opinion,  reflect an uncommitted seller who will, if the right offer comes along, sell.   This limited "non-distribution" of the seller's interest restricts the possibilities.

If you want to really sell your Brevard County, Florida house let's get it listed and marketed to your prospective buyer pool.

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