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Friday, June 07, 2013

Should a buyer have a survey done?

I just read a comment by a real estate agent about how newer developments have better marked property lines so surveys are not really necessary.

Really?  Not so fast with such blanket comments!

I always recommend a survey be done by the buyer.   Here in our part of Florida the going cost is only about $300-$400 for the usual residential survey.

I have never had a single buyer not get a survey done - even in the newer developments in areas like Viera, Florida.

Pools or their decking/enclosure can encroach into easements (seen this one).  Although not intentional, fences have been installed on the wrong property (seen this as well).  By the way both of these were in newer developments within Suntree and Viera (Melbourne, Florida).

As a future homeowner it is certainly better to know your property boundaries before you sign than later when an issue arises.

Get the survey done as well as a property inspection, termite inspection and any others deemed necessary as a result of these inspection.  A home purchase is a major obligation deserving of the expense required for professional inspections.

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