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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Should a real estate agent lie for their seller? A rhetorical question....

I just read an article that discussed whether it was ever ethical for a real estate agent to lie for their seller.  This discussion centered around one real estate agent telling another agent they there is already another offer on the table.

As the market shifts I would like to think that the "another offer" response will not be used to twist a buyer into making a higher offer.  I am hopeful it will be used in very limited circumstances when their actually is another offer.

Not long ago I wrote about "Multiple Offers - Is this a scam?" 

Once a property has been found and it is time make an offer buyers should decide up front the most money they are willing to pay for the property.  Then when the multiple offer response surfaces they will know the direction to take and not get caught up in some bidding war.  It is becoming a seller's market so buyers must think things through - not respond with an automatic higher offer.

So back to the question "Should a real estate agent lie for their seller?"

I am not a moral judge here. My answer is a firm no.

Realtors® have a responsibility to the public - honesty.

If an agent will lie to another agent, what stops them from lying to a client?

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