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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What do you mean you can't answer that question?

In the course of showing buyers homes in the Brevard County, Florida area I am occasionally asked questions - some pretty blunt - that I can't answer or will not answer.  The restrictions are either topics addressed by laws such as Fair Housing or questions a buyer needs to research themselves.
Some of these questions center around topics like:  neighborhood make up (like families or children in the neighborhood), the "best" schools in the area, the crime rate, future land use for vacant lots, etc. 

It can be things like questions about the ability to put a pool in the back yard? A survey is a good place to start here. What about fences, can I have one?  The association rules and deed restrictions may answer this one.  What about parking a commercial vehicle in the drive way?  How many years are left on the roof or AC?

If one wants to find out about the neighborhood how about walking the neighborhood and speaking with neighbors.  Consider contacting local law enforcement agencies about crime rates.  Check the Florida Department of Law Enforcement web site for sex offender registries.

I suggest speaking with members of the homeowner association board of directors. I suggest reviewing the homeowner association documents.  As for construction or structural issues an inspection will provide many answers that I am certainly not qualified to provide. As for local schools, visit the schools in the neighborhood of interest or research the best schools on web sites like Neighborhood Scout.

Buyers should perform necessary due diligence through research and verification of accuracy of information provided.   How they get the answers and use them to make their decisions is theirs and theirs alone.

After all, I am not an attorney, tax adviser, home inspector, AC expert, or any other of these specialties.  I am a real estate agent who will assist buyers in locating properties that meet their criterion and guide through the purchase process.  Let me know if I can help you buy or sell a home in Brevard County, Florida.

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