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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Does a pool add value to my home? Will adding a pool help me sell my house?

Will a pool help me sell my house?  Certainly, if the buyer wants a pool home!

Some buyers are insistent on any home they consider purchasing already have a pool.  Some buyers do not want a pool at any cost.

So, should a pool be installed only to add value? 

Here is an article on   6 things you think add value to your home but really don't Of course adding a pool is on the list or I would not referenced it here.

I have spoken with some buyers from out of state who have the impression all Florida homes come with a private pool.

Not so.  Of the 2278 active single family home listings today only 727 have a private pool (32%). 

So will a pool help me sell my house?   I suggest you consider the addition of a pool as enhancing your quality of living rather than concentrate on the return on your investment.

Perhaps if it is 95 degrees and sunny when the prospective buyers are seeing your home and your pool beckons to them, it may have an influence.  On a cold winter day, maybe not so much.

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