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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Home Buyer Tips - What is a walk through?

Home Buyer Tips - What is a "walk through?"

One of the very last things a buyer should do before signing on the dotted line and writing the check is the "walk through" inspection.   Although the word inspection is used this is not meant to be a check everything hours long detailed examination.

That property inspection should have happened early on during the contingency period.  If there were issues discovered during the initial home inspection those repairs should have already been addressed before the closing day arrives.   

I recommend any repairs resulting from the property inspection be evaluated a few days or weeks in advance of closing.  Several of the home inspection companies I know of in Brevard County will go back and assess repairs free of charge.  Check with your inspection company.

I also recommend buyers ask for copies of paid receipts from the licensed, qualified professional tradespeople who completed the work.  (The closing company may also ask for the proof of payment for some work.)

So what is the "walk through?" 

It is a quick walk through the property.  It may take 15 to 30 minutes or so.  It is usually done on the way to the closing table if logistically possible.  It can be done the day before if that works best for the buyer.  Its purpose is to make sure the property is clean (broom clean), all appliances listed in the contract are present, and the general condition is the same as when contracted.  It is not the time to flush every toilet, run the dishwasher, walk the roof, run the sprinklers,  etc.

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