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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Home Buyer Tips: Will the seller accept FHA or VA financing?

As part of the listing process a prospective seller will identify the listing conditions such as price and and the form of payment (cash, third party financing, or possibly seller financing).

Often while viewing a prospective property a question is asked about the terms of a sale.  After all buyers can't remember all the details of all the homes they view.

Many times the question asked is "Will the seller accept FHA (or VA, if applicable)financing?"  

My experience has been most sellers will accept any kind of financing with an agreed on price.  That is, if they want to sell.

There are cases when a seller would gladly accept financing but the subject house will not qualify for financing due to problems.   While there are some loans that allow for repair costs to be included in the mortgage like an FHA 203k rehab loan most buyers are not searching for a project but rather a move in ready house - even if it will require some work later.

When working with buyers it is important to match the buyer's needs with their ability to complete the purchase.  I avoid showing properties where any conditions exist that do not match my buyer's needs and situation (financing, location, price range, time, etc).

After all, my goal is to find them the home that matches their needs.

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