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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What is the best day to list my house?

I just read an article about the best day of the week to list a house for sale.  The article referenced a mentioned in the Wall Street Journal blog that stated "Friday was the best day."

First of all, I think this stuff is most likely hogwash!  That is not a real estate term but still quite appropriate.

I think the best day of the week is the day you do it. And that means whatever day - choose, you have seven!

Selling your home is all about price, presentation and promotion.   And they should all be the same regardless of the day of the week.

Now when you place a home on the market I do believe there is a golden period.   It is during this period a new listing receives the most activity.   I think this golden period runs for about two weeks.  

Buyer's real estate agents and shrewd buyers are always watching for new listings -  especially with the smaller inventory we have in Brevard County in 2013. 

It is during these critical first two weeks that your listing will likely garner the most activity.  Use the time wisely by pricing right and putting your home's best foot forward!

Now, which day is best?  Today. 

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