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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Getting your house ready for the market... Create "Wow!" not "I remember when!"

As much as we would like to think most of us do not keep our homes in ready to sell condition.  Very few homes need no preparation before placement on the market.

I read this morning about how an investor asked a home staging professional about just putting some furniture in a home they had for sale.

While it is pretty much accepted by most real estate professionals that it is easier to sell a home with furniture than an empty house sometimes there is more needed than just furniture.

Sellers NEED to create a positive "wow" when buyers walk in and not a "I remember when..." mindset!

Does your home need some updating before you place it on the market?

A little updating can do so much for your house.   And it does not need to be expensive updating like…

  • some neutral paint to replace your high personalized colors (or wallpaper), 
  • new carpeting instead of that shag,
  • counter tops – silestone, quartz, granite, solid surface are expected today instead of old worn laminate,
  • appliances - newer, energy efficient.
Focus on the two rooms which matter most to  buyers - bathrooms and kitchens.  The secret to selling your house is minding the Ps and Qs.

Putting furniture in a house that otherwise needs some preparation is like the old saying about putting lipstick on a pig.    If a home is more than a few years old I suggest sellers also consider a pre-listing home inspection?

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