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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Home Buyer Tip - How did the seller read your mind?

Are you being surveilled?   Today it is common for homes to have security systems, especially newer construction.

Some homes have "standard" security systems and others have video camera surveillance.  The technology exists for an owner to set up a system and watch remotely what goes on in their homes.  Some have this video surveillance capability in every room.

Over the past ten years I recall only one home in Rockledge, Florida that had cameras seemingly every place.  Who knows how many I have been in and not noticed?

Some home buyers may ask why I am writing about a surveillance system on a blog about buying and selling homes?

Because of the old saying...loose lips sink ships.

I do not fault any homeowner for seeking to provide security for their home.  It is for that reason I urge all buyers to not make purchase terms or other comments when viewing a home that has a security system.  Who knows if we are being being recorded?  

While there is likely nothing nefarious about this I prefer buyers not reveal how high they are willing to go on a house when there is a chance the seller will also hear.

After all, you would not leave a note that says  
"Loved your house, making an offer and willing to go as high as XXX,XXX dollars!

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