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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Home Seller Tips - Pricing Strategies To SELL Your Home

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With the average home selling for about 95% of list in the Brevard County, Florida area it is a fair statement to say sellers will negotiate some.

As a seller the most important thing you do when selling is set your "listing price."   Chances are the listing price and selling price will rarely be the same.   I did have a listing in Viera close yesterday for its list price.

There are multiple considerations when determining your listing price?  Here are a few ideas to ponder...

The 95% list to sell ratio does indicate sellers, on average, have some wiggle room.  But as a seller you will never know if that is really the case unless you price it to receive a "let's talk offer."

Price it right and they will come... and that is the key to getting that let's talk offer

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