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Friday, September 27, 2013

The Home Buying Process - If you are serious, act serious!

"What do you mean by asking me if I am serious about buying a house?"   In this real estate market if a home buyer is serious they will act serious.  How does one "act serious?"

First,  know the process.  How does one learn about the process?  The answer is here:  choosing the right real estate agent.

Secondly, get pre-approved for a mortgage.  There is a difference between a pre-approval and pre-qualification.  If you want a seller to know you are serious, have a pre-approval letter available at the time an offer is tendered.   Just as important understand all the numbers involved with a home purchase.  Here is a summary of all the numbers involved with a home purchase.

Finally, proceed with a real plan with a goal of success.    To develop a plan your real estate agent will most likely ask a ton of questions.  These questions are critical to putting together a plan for success.

Follow the above suggestions and everyone involved will know you are a serious buyer.

Still, even with a perfect plan, there will likely be bumps in the road - some avoidable, some fixable and some that may even require a detour.

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