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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Government Shutdowns, Interest Rates and the Housing Market

The majority of Americans have not been touched by the government shutdown.  Still, even if one has not been impacted directly, the unknowns can create an uncertainty.

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Lets face it... day to day life for many has not changed.

But what about mortgage interest rates?  They are currently very attractive.  Where will they be next month? 

What about home prices?  Residential prices have been rebounding.  Will the trend continue?   Will the housing market survive unscathed?

Without getting into the politics I suggest if you are in the real estate market, either as a buyer or seller, continue forward.  The home purchase process usually takes a month or two for a routine closing.

A resolution will be forthcoming.

I believe, in the end, cooler heads will prevail

That is my opinion...and I will not negotiate on that!

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