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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Home Buyer Tips: Who said buyers are liars?

I read a comment a real estate agent recently that said "buyers are liars...tell you they want a a 3/2 and then buy a 2/2 town home."

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I had a couple of real issues with such a blanket statement.

First, buyers are not usually liars.

Buyers very often do not know what they want or the home buying process.  They may not understand the total financial obligation associated with buying a home.  They may not have a complete understanding of the what is available in their price range in a new area.

No, I do not believe buyers intentionally mislead anyone.

My main issue with the above statement is the real estate agent.  Specifically, the attitude the statement conveys.

The real estate process requires identifying the needs and wants.  The real estate process includes educating the buyers.  The real estate process involves providing all available information to allow the buyers to make an informed decision for themselves.

In the case referenced by the statement, I wonder why why the buyers went to another agent to "buy a 2/2 town home."

My guess is perhaps they found an agent who understood being a real estate agent is more than just selling a 3/2 because that is what they said they wanted initially!

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