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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Home Seller Tip - Vanilla, no sprinkles please!

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When it comes time to sell your house, no matter how colorful your personality and decor are, think vanilla.

A properly prepared home will fit these characteristics.
  • Cleaned.  Lets face it. This is the most basic of all preparation steps.  No lectures here. 
  • Neutralized.  No bright highly individualized paint schemes. 
  • Clutter free zone.  Get rid of the "stuff."  Anything that can distract a prospective buyer will distract a prospective buyer.  All those collectible toys, bells or whatever...pack them away!  And all that extra big over-stuffed furniture that makes the room look small, get rid of it too!
  • De-personalized.  It is not necessary to showcase awards, trophies and diplomas.  Get rid of the pictures.  It is OK to leave some but clear the refrigerator.  If that paint was "neutralized" earlier, don't put pictures back up.
Put very simply, a properly prepared property is like ice cream....just vanilla ice cream with none of the sprinkles!

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