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Monday, October 14, 2013

Home Seller Tips: Why do I recommend sellers review "their" MLS entry as soon as possible?

Why do I recommend sellers review "their" Multiple Listing Service MLS entry as soon as it is placed in the Realtors® data sharing system?

So they know...
  • what I have said about their house.
  • what items of equipment and personal property are included such as appliances, window treatments, etc. to prevent potential misunderstandings later.
  • what the public sees when they decide to see or not see their house. 
  • they can provide input or recommend any changes.  I must admit I have worked with a few writers and English teacher sellers through the years.  And I am not an expert at writing! 
But what is the most important reason a seller should review their MLS listing? 

To make sure the home's strongest positives are reflected in the usually abbreviated narrative. Whether its the neighborhood/location, the view, the layout or whatever.  While most real estate agents have hopefully already included this information in their marketing plan, it is always good to know it is there.

What a seller loves the most about their home may just be the thing the buyer will be most attracted to as well.

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