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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Home Buyer Tips: At what point should a prospective home buyer contact a real estate agent?

When I enter a store or wherever else (car dealership, for example)  it is almost always "just looking."  Why is that?  Mostly to avoid being dogged by some sales person.

I routinely receive calls or emails from folks "just looking" at homes for sale in Viera, Florida.

After a couple of questions I quickly get a picture of their interest level.  And when I discern their interest level, I respect it completely.

Still some prospective home buyers are afraid of being hounded incessantly by an overly aggressive real estate agent.

At what point should a prospective home buyer contact their real estate agent?    I recommend no later than six to nine months before they intend to purchase.  This gives time to watch the market.  This gives plenty of time to investigate neighborhoods.  It allows time to be educated on the process.

If you thinking about buying a home in Viera, Florida, call me.  I will gladly send you listings and answer your questions... and not become a nuisance!

My approach is simple...given time and opportunity an interested buyer will signal they are ready.  

In the meantime, gather as much information as possible including the home mortgage process.

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