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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Should you let a relocation company choose your real estate agent?

Relocation is not a simple process - usually.  Admittedly, it can be a simple as loading up the car or U-Haul and heading to the new destination.

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For most, relocation is much more complicated.  Job transfers, changing schools, selling a house, buying a house, finding a new church, new neighbors, new drivers license....and the list goes on.

Some employers and membership organizations (affinity programs) offer deals with relocation companies.

Sometimes when one chooses to use a relocation company they give up some personal control including deciding who their real estate agent will be. 

The relocation company likely has a list of participating agents in the area.  These contracted agents have agreed to discount their fees in exchange for a steady flow of customers.  

But, as a consumer, you may not be getting the best agent for your needs.

How can you be certain the assigned agent will have the local knowledge to guide you?   Find out if the relocation company will give you the opportunity to interview agents and choose one or will they be assigned?

If you don't have the chance to interview the agent personally find out as much as possible about the relocation  company's service expectations from your agent and what you do if there are any problems.  

A relocation company may work just fine for your needs.

Still, relocating is much much complicated than buying a house a couple of miles away.  Make sure your real estate agent knows the area, the process, the schools, the neighborhoods and, more importantly, you and your needs.

If you are relocating to Brevard County, Florida, call me at 321-693-3850.  If you are dealing with a relocation company I can possibly arrange to work with you through the relocation company.

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