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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Brevard County, Florida Single Family Detached Home Sales November 2013

Single family detached homes sold in Brevard County, Florida during November 2013 totaled 628 properties as reported in the Brevard MLS system as of today.  This volume is up from November 2012 reported sales (598).  This number does not include town house, half duplex and manufactured homes.

The  major shift appears to be in the number of short sales closing.  Short sales represented about 9% of last month's sales but were about 22% of November 2012 single family home sales.   Another shift is the number of foreclosures sold in November 2013 was approximately 25% of sales.

The good news is that about 66% of current sales are non distressed sales (about 57% last year).

The trend in the condo and townhouse market mirrors the single family market with an increase in REO / foreclosures and a decrease in the short sale transactions.

The above was extracted from the Brevard MLS system as of today and will likely change a little as end of the month closings are added in the system.  The data has not been audited and is presented here to provide a general summary of market direction in Brevard County, Florida.

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