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Friday, December 13, 2013

Home Buyer Tips: Come on, tell me what you think!

Every time a home is viewed by prospective buyers the sellers are curious about “what they thought.”  It is only natural, right? 

Sellers really only want to know two things: 
  1. Is it a consideration?
  2. Will they be submitting an offer?
As your buyer's agent I want your feedback as well.  Not so I can pass along the information to the seller as much as to know where we stand.

And with your feedback I want you to be brutally honest with me.  

Many folks (including me) live by the saying "if you can't say nothing good then don't say anything."

But when shopping for a new home the rule needs to go out the window.  The truth is I am your Brevard County, Florida real estate agent.   I am showing you homes that as I understand your desires meet your requirements.

I have no personal interest in any house you view.  I am not the seller.  I will not be offended by anything you say.

My focus is on you finding a home to buy in Brevard County, Florida.  Your feedback will help me refine and further identify prospective homes to meet your goal.

So when I ask "What do you think? give it to me straight.

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