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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

I can't sell my home in the wintertime, right?

I can't sell my home in the wintertime, right?

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Homes sell any time of the year...if it is priced right, that is!

While it is true there are seasonal peaks such as the spring or early summer, buyers are always in the market.   The summer is an ideal time for families to relocate in between schools years.  Likewise, some find the break between Christmas and New Years Day as an opportune time to move (notice I didn't say convenient).

While in some parts of the country winter weather can be a factor in getting folks out to see homes that is rarely, if ever, the case when buying a home in Florida.  In Florida many times there are folks looking to escape the cold north and purchase a second home in Florida.

The average monthly sales of residential properties in Brevard County during the period of November 2012 through February 2013 was around 700 units while the average during May through July 2013 was around 1,075 units.  (Estimates based on data in Brevard MLS system.)

Sure, fewer homes sold in the winter but there were still sales.  The Fall and Winter time brings out serious buyers.

Selling anytime requires an understanding of the Three Ps of selling your home  - price, promotion and presentation.

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