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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Home Inspections - What to expect

The purchase of a home is probably the largest financial decision one will ever make.  Because of the magnitude of the commitment required I always recommend buyers have a home inspection before closing escrow.

While a routine home inspection in the Brevard County area is not very costly skipping having an inspection can be very costly later.  The average cost in my experience is somewhere around $300-$400 for the inspection.

Sometimes, depending on the age of the home, additional inspections are required by insurance companies.   These may include a four-point inspection as well as a wind mitigation inspection. These can add an additional cost but many times are bundled by inspection providers into a lower price.

What should a buyer expect from home inspection?  Home inspection should be an unbiased independent report of the properties current condition.  If there any current issues present they should be identified in the inspection report.  If there are any potential issues in need of further evaluation by a licensed professional, they should also included in the report.

Should the buyer be present during the inspection?  This is an individual decision but most buyers prefer to be present.  Most inspectors I have dealt with in Brevard County are willing to show the buyer any issues present during inspection that will be included on the report.  Very often they will go a further step and educate the buyer in some preventative maintenance issues that should be addressed as a homeowner.

If there's a septic system it should be inspected by a qualified professional service.  The cost of a septic inspection will vary so it is recommended you shop around.  Most homes in the central Brevard County area are on public sewer systems and city water.

As a real estate agent I always recommend an inspection.  In my ten plus years I have never had a buyer decline having a property inspection.  

Will I recommend a specific Brevard County home inspection company?   No, I will not endorse any specific company.   I have come across several very professional home inspection companies that have delivered excellent results for my clients which are included on any list of inspection companies I provide to buyers, if requested.

The bottom line:
  1. have an inspection done, 
  2. understand the results,
  3. ask questions of the inspector, and 
  4. decide for yourself if inspection results make the property you are considering worth going forward (Read "How to respond to inspection results.).

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