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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Start 2014 yourself!

Today is the day to make it happen - period.

No inspirational post here, only this observation from a Viera, Florida real estate agent:  

Start 2014 yourself!

I, like many others, saw the perfect example of this last night.  Yes, it came from a football game but the lesson applies to life.

The Fiesta Bowl was touted as the biggest mismatch in the history of the Bowl Championship Series.  The University of Central Florida Knights were 17 point underdogs to the the Baylor University Bears.

I even remarked before the game that I "hoped" UCF would play respectable.  I, like Vegas and all the sports experts, gave them no chance at winning.

We were wrong...52-42 wrong.

Now as you kick off 2014 pay no attention to the experts.   Believing in yourself is the basis for all success - on the football field and the real estate profession.

Hope doesn't win games in lifebelieving and doing does!

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