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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Home Seller Tips: Its all about being "sell ready."

There is no one "go to" list of things that attract a home buyer's attention.  If there was such a list it would likely be broken down into good and bad.

Initially, a lot of buyers look at a couple of points.  These are price and how long a home has been on the market.

For instance the number of days a home has been on the market can be an attention grabber.  If it has been a lot of days the buyer response may be "What is wrong?" or the more common statement of fact "Must be overpriced."

If the list price is at or near the lower end of the market the response may be "What is wrong?" or "Why are they selling so low?"

Price and days on the market alone are not the things that sell your house.  You must grab a buyer's attention.

And the "grabbing" starts the moment a prospective buyer pulls up in front of your house.   It could be your manicured lawn, immaculate plants and new paint.   Or it could be the recent remodel or updating.   Or the light bright rooms.  Or it could be all the space offered.

Or it could be the original 1970s look.  

Or it could be the dated wall paper.  Or it could be the carpet in need of replacement.  Or it could be the original harvest gold appliances.

Or it could be....The point is you want to be remembered for the positives.

This means make your house sell ready before you place it for sale.  You may not be competing with a lot of listings but you are still competing to obtain the best price possible.

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