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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Home Seller Tips: Its only going to hurt for a little while...

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Its only going to hurt for a little while...yes, that is what I told you!  No, this is not about some medical or dental procedure.

It is about selling your Brevard County, Florida home. 

Selling your occupied home is not something that fits smoothly with your normal daily routine.

Selling your home will require reasonable accommodation.   Showing requests are, for the most part, planned in advance by buyer's agents.  Many times the buyers have a limited schedule so if you can accommodate the showing request, do so.

Once an offer comes in there will be an inspection and maybe an appraisal.  These again will involve scheduling with several parties including the home inspector, termite inspector and an appraiser, if necessary.

Selling your Brevard County, Florida home requires three components.  I call these my Three Ps of Selling Pricing it right.  Promoting to the right buyer pool.

And, when the first two work, there will be be the critical final component - presentation.  Presentation involves not only getting it "show ready" but also accommodation of showing requests.

When selling your Brevard County, Florida home the path of least resistance may be the quickest path to getting back to your daily routine.

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