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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Home Buying Process

Make sure this item is part of the process when buying a home....
  • It is not the desire.  
  • It is not the enthusiasm.  
  • It is not knowing what is wanted
  • It is not having a financial plan.
What is the missing element of the home buying process?

I recently had an inquiry from someone who "must have a home with a patio with a golf course view, must not be too large, and it must cost between $XXX,XXX and $YYY,YYY."

So what is the answer?  


The real estate market is a reality.   And it is based on local competition.  It is based on local inventory.  It may even based on the time of the year.

Very often, especially if relocating to Florida, it is a local knowledgeable Florida real estate agent who will bring this element to the transaction.

Make sure when you are ready to move to Viera, Florida you get a local real estate expert - Gary L. Waters, a Florida native, local resident for more than fifteen years.

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