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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Buying and Selling a Home - Risk Management is an issue.

Regardless of profession there is usually one common component - risk management.  And the reason is quite obvious - most people (and businesses) do not want to end up in court!

Start talking about health care costs and someone will likely opine that its the doctors who order too many tests.  Like most patients I would never question my doctor's orders.

During the home purchase process, a buyer will find risk management ever present.

Real estate agents will advise buyers and sellers to consult attorneys, tax professionals and other professionals when there are questions not related directly the the agent's area of expertise.

And when a property is found most real estate agents will recommend appraisals, surveys and inspections be performed by licensed professionals.

And when these are performed, especially the home inspection, the report may contain some suggestions like, "call an HVAC person," "have an electrician check," "have the garage door serviced," "have the septic system inspected," or "have the well water tested by a Laboratory."

Not only is this sound advice, it is risk management.  It is practicing within the scope of one's expertiseBuyers need to know the limits of the inspector's report.

Sellers facing repair issues can protect themselves further by having them done by a licensed professional.

Another recommendation for seller risk management - disclose all you know about the property condition and issues!

The process of buying or selling real estate provides multiple opportunities for a lawsuit. 

When buying or selling a home the first step I recommend prospective buyers or sellers do is contact a local knowledgeable real estate agent for guidance.

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