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Friday, March 21, 2014

Home Seller Tips: Before you list your home, do this!

Before a seller places their home on the market one of the first things they should do is "do a walk through." 

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Sellers need to look around and identify what is and what is not included with the property.

On the surface this seems pretty unnecessary if the property will be vacant for showings but even vacant properties have the potential to create confusion and problems between buyers and sellers. 

Most buyers assume items permanently attached to the walls, ceiling or floors is included with the property.  We have all been warned about the dangers of assuming anything, right?

What about the appliances?  Are they staying with the home?  If there is a pool, does all of the pool equipment remain?  What about the window treatments?

I recommend sellers clearly list each item that will remain with the house.

Problems can sometimes arise when there are items that hold special meaning to a seller which the seller plans to substitute a similar item before closing.

If a seller plans to remove a special whatever and replace it it with another, I recommend it be done before the very first showing.   If the newer washer and dryer will be replaced with older appliances, do it before placing the home on the market.

There are two reasons for taking this action before listing the home for sale.  First, prevent confusion.  The selling process is stressful enough with creating potential problems and strained relations with prospective buyers.

More importantly, if a prospective buyer does not see it, then it will not become a "negotiation" issue.  I don't see it often but it does happen - buyers want the seller to "throw in" the whatever to seal the deal.

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