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Monday, March 17, 2014

Home Seller Tips: How long should a showing take?

Selling your home will be a disruption to your lifestyle.  Put another way, get ready to be inconvenienced!

Selling requires keeping your home in showing condition throughout the process.

Notice I did not say "pristine" condition as I believe most prospective buyers understand people are living in the home

To further create disruption, most real estate agents recommend sellers leave during showings.  There are lots of reasons for this, when possible.  Suffice it to say they want to look, not be given a tour!

So if a seller leaves for showings, how long should the showing take?  Based on degree of interest my experience is a showing should take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.  Rarely does a showing take more than a half hour unless it is a second showing indicating serious interest.

How does the scheduling of showings work?  Usually the buyer's agents will request a specific time frame in advance.  Ideally the requested time is a half hour to one hour window.   I have never asked for more than a one hour window as I believe it is inconsiderate.

And sellers really do control access.  Sellers set the terms and conditions (appointment notice, days or hour restriction, etc).  Still, a motivated seller wants to accommodate all showing requests, when possible.  As I like to put it...the path of least resistance.

Lastly, if a seller can not accommodate a requested time frame, provide a few suggested alternative times to indicate a willingness to accommodate.  After all, these may be your buyers - if they can get a look!

If you are ready to sell your Viera, Florida home, give me a call.  If you are ready to sell your Rockledge or Melbourne, Florida home, please contact me.  I welcome all buyers and sellers in Brevard County, Florida!

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