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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Home Inspections - Boring and Informative.

Regarding property inspections this is the admonition I give to all buyers:  Do not buy a house without having a home inspection done.

New construction should be inspected as well as existing resale properties.  While there is a code inspection prior to occupancy being permitted it is still not the same inspection.  Code compliance is not necessarily an indicator of quality.

What about an "as is" offerInclude an inspection addendum and inspect it.    [Advice contained in this post refer specifically to buying a house or condo in Florida. If you are in another state, consult the appropriate professional.]

First of all, an inspection is not a fun time of socializing.

It is a very serious process for which the buyer is paying for a professional service (usually $300 to $400 in our area).   Buyers want a competent inspector who can stick to the facts and present them in an easily understood manner (more about the report below) and then answer any questions the customer may have about the report and house.

Here are a few other questions and answers about the home inspection process.

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